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Zenobia Book Series 

Daring, Dynamic, Deadly Zenobia


Young Zenobia dreams of becoming a warrior, a serious problem for a girl born into a male-dominated desert tribe. She has been forced to hide her gender to preserve her life. Her deception is unmasked, leading to an incredible turn of events.

Her wise mother envisions a different life for her daughter - that of a scholar - and takes her to Egypt for an education. Here a conflict of desires surges in Zenobia, for she finds that she loves both paths. As she feeds an emerging hunger for justice, the stirrings of a future political and strategic genius begin to manifest themselves. Growing into young womanhood, Zenobia feels an awakening attraction to two very different males - a vibrant young warrior from her own tribe and a brilliant bachelor scholar whose analytical mind cannot help from feeling romantically drawn to the most intriguing female he has ever met.

Meanwhile, Zenobia learns of the annual horse race in Alexandria. She decides to enter her powerful mare against the highly-bred stallions of the East. The power of a legend influences the surprising course of the contest to its thundering conclusion.



   After winning the famous Alexandria horse race, Zenobia, a young Syrian warrior and an aspiring scholar, assumes her life will return to normal. Wrong!


A tumultuous romance develops with her instructor, widely considered the most brilliant academic on earth. Unknown to her, an enemy plans to kidnap Zenobia for his harem. The hired mercenaries never suspect their intended victim is a deadly warrior. The attack is thwarted, but the Syrians are alerted to a slave trade in young girls.


Meanwhile, a Nubian princess has been captured by the slavers. She struggles to survive in the dangerous situation while she seeks a way to escape. Can she succeed?


When a second kidnap attempt is made on Zenobia, the last attacker escapes. She has to run him down to save her family. Thus begins an epic chase on horseback across the desert in the dead of night. It culminates in a shocking revelation that threatens her very future.


Circumstances now force Zenobia into roles for which she is untrained. As she meets the challenges, she begins to unleash her strategic genius, which will one day raise her to the pinnacle of her world.

Zenobia - Rise of a Legend



Book Three


"...this is the life I have chosen, and it is the life I will live....I needed no school to teach me uncertainty, and I needed no tutor to convince me that things are far too often not the way they should be. I want to fix injustices! If I die trying, so be it. In my mind, it will still have been worth the effort.” - Zenobia-Rise of a Legend  

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