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Zenobia - Challenging a Legend 

Zenobia - Challenging a Legend

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the second book in Russ Wallace's Zenobia series, Zenobia – challenging a legend. This book picks up right where Zenobia – birth of a legend left off. In challenging the legend, we get to watch Zenobia as she develops into a brave, intelligent, cunning young woman. Her overriding motivation as she grows is to establish justice and defeat injustice in the world. No easy task in the time of the corrupt Roman empire. The story was fast paced and kept me reading to see what would happen next. Through Zenobia's experiences in this volume, the reader begins to see what a formidable foe she will one day be to Rome. I, for one, can't wait to read more of her story in volume three. - Joyce's Goodreads review 


Zenobia fights for justice against the biggest empire on the earth. In book two, Zenobia takes on slavery and makes it her personal agenda to free the oppressed. It's an inspiring tale and that's why it is #1 on my list for Historical Fiction novels that inspire. - Julie (moderator)


After 24 years, Gerolt finally thinks he has the chance to be with the woman he has loved for many years. However, he accepts Cassandry's desire to remain a widow and these two arrange for their children to be betrothed. From there, matters become more and more complicated.

Reading a love story about two people who are not young, who have experience, was a refreshing change from virgin maidens and dashing knights. I especially liked these two characters. The things they went through in their lives had an effect on them and it shows in how they interact with each other. I even enjoyed their children and the interaction between parent and child.

I honestly can't think of anything I would change in this and this is definitely for anyone who loves a medieval story that is clean, well written and full of details. - Bethany Goodreads review

"A Hearts in Autumn Romance" is very inspiring story that proves it's never to late to fall in love. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the previous book Loving Lucianna." - Julie (moderator)

Tell us your favorite Historical Fiction book. We are always looking for inspiring reads. 


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