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People ask why our publishing company is named Geode Press. Russ Wallace, founder and owner of Geode Press enjoys finding and collecting Geodes. He decided to name his company after this hobby. 


What Is A Geode?

Geologists have long been challenged to explain how geodes, those mysterious spherical rocks, are formed. Geodes are a variable phenomenon, which means that they may be created in various different ways. The term geode is derived from the Greek word Geoides which means "earthlike."


How Are Geodes Created?

Geodes begin as bubbles in volcanic rock or as animal burrows, tree roots or mud balls in sedimentary rock. Over time, the outer shell of the spherical shape hardens, and water containing silica precipitation forms on the inner walls of the hollow cavity within the geode. Over a period of thousands of years, layers of silica cool, forming crystals of different minerals within the cavity. Different types of silica cool at varying temperatures, thus creating layers of different types of mineral crystals. Each geode is unique in its composition which can only be truly discovered when it is cracked open or cut with a rock saw. The size and formation of the crystals and different shades of color within the crystals make each geode special. The rough exterior of the geode gives no indication of the secrets held within its core. 

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Our name is fitting since like the Geode rock you need to crack open a book to find the uniqueness and true beauty inside. Happy Reading!

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