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"Deluge" Chapter 3 Tuesday Teaser

Russ Wallace's new novel "Deluge" is about Noah and his family.

Emma Watson as Serious in "Deluge"

Shem is Noah's son and Serious is a friend. She thinks Shem's life is boring and he thinks her life is a little too free.

Chapter three:

“Listen, Frivi!” Shem retorted, immediately regretting it, “Serving Yehowah is not boring. In absolute, it can be very exciting.”

“Risky, you mean. Like that time you and your brothers were preaching during a festival and almost got stoned to death!” Serious gave a mock shiver. “To me, death is the ultimate unexcitement.”

“Our neighbors were about to engage in blatant idolatry. There was no one else to warn them.”

“Humpf,” she said. “And you noticed how appreciative they all were, What’s the point? People are going to do what they want.”

“Even if it kills them, as the saying goes.”

“Well, enough of depressing talk. I’m adventuring onward,” she proclaimed, waving her hands in the air, “looking for something frivolous and fun.” She sauntered off, humming to herself.

Shem followed her with his eyes for a minute, his heart sad.

Check back next Tuesday for more teasers from Russ Wallace's new novel "Deluge."

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