19 August 2007: Cory Iascone

Cory Lascone's gravesite

Cory Iascone’s grave marker, Bunkers Memory Gardens Cemetery, Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo © Jeff Braucher.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Homicide Section catalogs hundreds of unsolved murders. According to the Metro Website, “The LVMPD Homicide Section is committed to the unrelenting pursuit of those offenders who have committed murder and the successful prosecution of those involved” (emphasis added). When a murder investigation goes cold, and no longer is being investigated by the original team, the case is assigned to The Cold Case Detail. That team tracks cases classified under three categories: Unsolved (no known suspects), Unresolved (suspect or suspects known/suspected but never successfully prosecuted), and Unidentified (victim identity unknown). The long unresolved case of Cory Bernard Iascone’s 2007 murder falls into the second category.

Twelve years ago today, on a Sunday afternoon at 4:30, passing drivers discovered the car of 18-year-old Cory Iascone, a former student at Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas, stopped in the westbound lane of Point Conception Drive near Desert Shores, an upscale Summerlin subdivision. The passenger side door of the gray Honda Accord was open; Cory was in the driver’s seat, dead from a gunshot wound to his head.

Earlier that morning, Cory had spoken on the phone with someone about a possible marijuana sale. Cory left his home with a friend in his mother’s Honda, stating he was planning to drop his friend at home (LVMPD has not released the friend’s name, but according to Metro records, the two were believed to be low-level marijuana sellers). On the way, the two picked up another young man, whom Cory addressed as “Jarrell”. Arrest records show Jarrell was one of the buyers Cory had phoned. Jarrell sat in the backseat of the car while the two friends completed marijuana sales at two different locations. Afterward, Cory and Jarrell dropped off the friend, who left the passenger door open, believing Jarrell would want to move to the front. That was the last time Cory’s friend saw him alive.

Metro Police investigators spent time canvassing the neighborhood, looking for clues and hoping to find an eyewitness to Cory’s murder. According to a news report datelined the second anniversary of Cory’s death in 2009, though Metro Police had been working the case for two years, they still had very few leads. Cory’s family, refusing to give up on finding Cory’s murderer, pleaded for anyone with information about that day to contact CrimeStoppers. No one could believe that either of Cory’s companions that day would want to hurt him. Both were considered to be “good friends” to Cory.

The case was moved over to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Cold Case Detail and they had stuck with Cory’s case for nearly 11 years, when on August 8, 2018, they heard from a confidential informant who claimed to be “very good friends with [Jarrell] Washington.” According to the informant, Jarrell called him in a panic the afternoon Iascone was killed. Washington said he had “some weed” and wanted the informant to meet him at the entrance of the informant’s neighborhood. The informant said Washington was sweaty and breathing heavy while he tearily told the informant that he had robbed “a white boy of his weed.” Washington allegedly told the informant that during the robbery, Iascone had reached for a gun, so he shot him with a “deuce deuce” (.22-caliber pistol). Before the informant drove Jarrell to his home, he told investigators, Jarrell threw the gun into the south end of Lake Lindsey in the Desert Shores subdivision.

According to Metro Police records, the following December, 2018, divers from LVMPD’s Search & Rescue Unit discovered a Raven .25-caliber pistol (an inexpensive and easily concealed small caliber weapon) at the bottom of Lake Lindsey. Metro Cold Case detectives used a ballistics match test to determine that the .25-caliber bullet that killed Cory Iascone matched the gun the divers found in Lake Lindsey. Metro detectives used phone records to confirm the confidential informant’s story and to link Cory to Jarrell Washington.

According to the LVMPD arrest report and Clark County records, Jarrell Washington was taken into custody outside his residence on June 7, 2019, and a week later he was denied bail. According to Clark County Jail records, Washington remains incarcerated, awaiting his next appearance before a judge on October 3, 2019. Perhaps this will be the final chapter of this sorrowful 12-year story and Cory Iascone’s family will finally see justice done and receive the closure that has been so long coming. Watch for updates to this story as the case goes to trial.

Memories of Las Vegas teen killed

Cory Iascone and his sister, Ashley in an undated photo. Las Vegas Review Journal, June 2019. Photo © Ashley MacClatchey

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