SMILE Right now!


Right now while you are reading this smile. Even if you don’t feel like it. Do it!

"Smiling, as it turns out, has truly remarkable effects. First, doing it actually makes you feel good even if you're not feeling good in the moment...If you're down, smiling actually prompts your brain to produce feel-good hormones, giving credence to the adage, "fake it til you make it" when it comes to your state of mind.

Want to know where you stack up when it comes to smiling? Know this: under 14% of us smile fewer than 5 times a day (you probably don't want to be in that group). Over 30% of us smile over 20 times a day. And there's one population that absolutely dominates in the smile game, clocking in at as many as 400 smiles a day: children."

kids at preschool smiling

kids at home smiling

I know when out in public no one can see your smile but smile anyways, even underneath that mask. It will improve your own feelings. We could all use a boost. So just keep smiling!

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