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Book Lovers Day! Again?

Book Lovers Day

There is some disagreement over when Book Lovers Day is celebrated. Most people celebrate it on August 9th. Others have the celebration on the first Saturday in November.

Why not celebrate it both days? It's good for your health.

Did you know studies have shown that reading reduces stress by 68%? Reading is not just entertaining, but there are many other benefits such as: encouraging positive thinking, developing life skills, relaxing your mind, improving memory, focus and concentration.

5 Reasons Why Reading is Good for Your Health:

1. Encourage Life Goals- Reading about someone moving beyond obstacles can motivate you to meet your own goals

2. Melt Away Stress- Reading can help you chill out and escape from the worries of the world

3. Improve Sleep – Reading by your bedside with a dim light can help to calm your mind and body to get some shut eye

4. Sharpen Memory - Reading creates mental stimulation which keeps your brain active and strengthens your attention span

5. Boost Your Vocabulary –Reading will develop your verbal abilities, increase your vocabulary and improve how you express yourself

ULTIMATLEY the more you READ, the more you GROW!

Sit back relax, read and enjoy a good book, it will make your brain come alive. #NationalBookLoversDay

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Here at Geode Press we believe everyday is Book Lovers Day!

In hopes to not only entertain but to improve your health and mind we are offering book one, Zenobia - Birth of a Legend and the thrilling sequel, Zenobia - Challenging a Legend for Free!

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