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Tuesday's Teaser! "Deluge" by Russ Wallace

Scene from "Deluge" by Russ Wallace

We hope you've enjoyed some of the scenes from "Deluge" we've shared this month and you can't wait to read this thought provoking book about Noah and his family and their pre-flood experiences.

Here's our Tuesday Teaser from chapter 10:

“I have to admit, I did not foresee the Nephilim rebelling against their fathers, but, when we think about it, it’s a logical progression. We probably should have expected it. The Nephilim learned selfishness, a me-first attitude, from their fathers. This is just the next step. The goals of the parents are not necessarily the goals of the children.”

“Do you think the Titans can win, Noah?” asked Helm.

“Theoretically, yes. It depends on factors too complicated for any of us to predict in absolute. What alliances will form, and why? Would any rebangels actually kill their own offspring? Who will have the stronger will in the conflict? Will one side have superior weapons? Or a more dependable food supply? We’ll have to wait and see.”

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