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Tuesday Teaser - Deluge Chapter 2

Author Russ Wallace is hard at work writing "Deluge," his historical novel on Noah and his family.

Here's the Tuesday Teaser. ENJOY!

Shem is Noah's son and his friend Jigan is questioning Shem's warning.

Chapter two:

“God took Enoch so he would not have to deal with all the ungodliness anymore.”

“That’s the story,” agreed Jigan skeptically. “But took him where, Shem?” He raised his hands to shoulder height, palms up.

“No one knows,” Shem answered.

Jigan laughed. “And you believe that? Personally, I in absolute would like some evidence. Plus, Enoch has been gone for over 600 years, and there’s still no judgment from God. We’ve heard this scary stuff before, but I think it’s just to control us, to rob us of our freedom!”

Check back for more next Tuesday.

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