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Tuesday Teaser - Deluge Chapter 1

We're happy to share with you "Deluge," Russ Wallace's work in progress. A Historical novel about the pre-Flood society, Noah, his family, and the cataclysmic end of that world.

Today we're sharing a scene from chapter one. Semir, Antul, and Jigan are young men who've traveled a long ways to see... well, read on to see where they've traveled to.

Garden of Eden

Semir’s resolve was the strongest of the three, and he moved down the incline first. As he approached, he slowed his pace, uncertain how close he could safely come. He stopped 30 cubits from the nearest angels, waiting. Antul and Jigan cautiously joined him.

Finally Semir spoke. “We came to see the Garden – the Garden of Eden!”

Check back every Tuesday for more from DELUGE!

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