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How can Zenobia, a 3rd century Warrior Queen from Syria help her people today?

Zenobia, A Warrior Queen from Sryia



MAY YOU FIGHT WITH COURAGE, WISDOM, AND ZEAL."-Russ Wallace author of the Zenobia Book Series.

All month long Geode Press has been focusing on Human Trafficking Month. We want to help those who've been enslaved, especially our children.

When Russ Wallace wrote the Zenobia Book Series he felt strongly that her story needed to be heard. Zenobia, A 3rd century Warrior Queen from Syria had to fight for justice to help her people escape slavery from the greatest empire on earth.

History reports that Zenobia fought for justice. How can YOU be more like Zenobia? How can YOU fight for Justice?

Buy Zenobia - Birth of Legend and/or Zenobia- Challenging a Legend now thru January 31st and ALL proceeds will help bring justice to those enslaved.

Read how Zenobia fights for Justice as she tries to free the oppressed and punish the slavers. Zenobia will continue her crusade in future books in the series.

Here's what others have said about the Zenobia Book Series:

"Russ’s passion for empowering women shines on every page. The ladies of the Zenobia series are compelling, powerful from the inside out and an inspiration to readers of all ages.” -Lorrisa Julianus -Published playwright & SAG-AFTRA performer.

"Based on the real life historical figure, this book is the first in the chronicles of the early life of Zenobia. She is determined to learn all she can and to train like the men to be as great as she can be. She is a strong girl with enough determination and bravery to match twenty people. Richly detailed and shining with brilliant research, this is a treasure for anyone who loves strong women and history."- Bethany Swafford on goodreads

Historical Novel Society review - "narrated by Wallace with enormous spirit and a very sharp ear for dialogue.This second novel is fuller and more pleasingly complex than the first, bursting with engaging secondary characters and the believable deepening of Zenobia’s personality.I very much look forward to further novels in this series." -

"Zenobia is another of the historical warrior women who became a legend and a true inspiration to her people. Much has been written and theorized about her. I found this book/series to be a refreshing change from many of the other books as we are introduced to the person she may have been and we see what things may have shaped her and the world around her. There is a lot of action, emotion and adventure in this tale along with plenty of historical figures and events. The author has done a fine job of blending fact and fiction to create a lovely story that most any reader will find enjoyable. I highly recommend this series and am looking forward to the next installment." -

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