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Reviews: Zenobia - Birth of a Legend by Russ Wallace

Praise for book one, Zenobia – Birth of a Legend

“I very much enjoyed this book. I found Zenobia a highly sympathetic character that I wanted to keep reading and finding out more about. I felt my knowledge, as well as my enjoyment, vastly expanded by the time I reached the end. Which is not really the end, as this is the first in a series covering the life of this historical figure, Zenobia.” -

Joyce DiPastena, award winning historical author.

"Based on the real life historical figure, this book is the first in the chronicles of the early life of Zenobia. She is determined to learn all she can and to train like the men to be as great as she can be. She is a strong girl with enough determination and bravery to match twenty people. Richly detailed and shining with brilliant research, this is a treasure for anyone who loves strong women and history."- Bethany Swafford on goodreads

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